Institute of Trade & Competitiveness

About Us

Institute of Trade and Competitiveness (ITC) is a project of University of Management and Technology (UMT) for creating a convergence of academia and industry practices which aims to positively influence the macro economic trends through facilitating specialization, entrepreneurship, technology transfer/innovations, FDIs to improve the overall drivers of growth and competitiveness for Pakistan’s economy.

ITC will also undertake research and Analysis of Pakistan’s global export and international business development trends among Pakistan and other countries and will serve as a regional and international centre of excellence for creating points of interaction to develop partnerships among Pakistan’s and international business community in selected countries through providing advisory and consultancy services to all the stakeholders involved in trade, economic planning, business and management sectors in Pakistan and also in selected world regions and countries.ITC, through its cutting edge market surveys, innovative trade and competition research, local and global training and advocacy will provide a real competitive advantage to our local industry and businesses to increase profitability.

As far as ITC’s growth plan is concerned it is divided into 3 stages; the 1st one involved Public Outreach, Information Gathering and Evaluation. The 2nd (currently in progress) is about the creation of a knowledge hub. The 3rd will consist of Competitive reports and Sectorial Performance assessment.

Finally to implement Pakistan Vision 2025, ITC wish to fit Pakistan into wave of economic development of what is known as Asian Century, of which it has so far remained on the margins. This project is going to be the benchmark for the capacity building to enhance bilateral, global trade and investment by strengthening the public, private and international linkages.