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Research & Development

R&D became a major contributor for improving factor market efficiency. Firms could formulate superior corporate strategies for growth and sustainable competitive advantage in an improved knowledge intensive environment. ITC has established specialized capabilities to provide advisory and consultancy services to all the stakeholders involved in trade, economic planning, business and management sectors in Pakistan and also in selected world regions and countries. It is to identify relative competitive advantages of Pakistan domestic industry and service sectors in comparison to our trading partners.

International Linkages

The establishment of ITC shall prepare businessman, managers, students, engineers and economic planners, traders and commerce men to meet the challenges of global knowledge economy and effectively take advantage of global knowledge based competitiveness shifting paradigm by developing a critical insight into global system of production and value creation.

Serve as a regional and international center of excellence for creating points of interaction to develop partnerships among Pakistan’s and international business community in selected countries.

Trade opportunities

The WTO regime created new structural dynamics of global competition amongst the world economies. There is a growing census among global leaders, economists and industry to harmonize tariffs, customs across the globe and once implemented, it’s in the benefits of both advanced and emerging markets. In this view, Pakistan needs to respond the challenges and opportunities of global free trade and investment policies. To promote specialization, competition, competitive advantage and national competitiveness as strategy to integrate into global trade, investments and technology transfer opportunities (ITC) is established in Pakistan.

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