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UMT launched Institute of Trade and Competitiveness
University of Management and Technology has launched Institute of Trade and Competitiveness to promote bilateral global trade and strengthening the public, private and international linkages. Institute of Trade and Competitiveness, a project of UMT aims to converge academia and industry to influence macro economic trends and to improve the overall drivers of growth and competitiveness for Pakistan’s economy. ITC aims to serve as a milestone for research and analysis of Pakistan’s global export and international business development trends. The institute will act as a center to provide advisory and consultancy service to the stakeholders involved in economic planning, business and trade that would help to develop partnerships among Pakistan’s and international business community.
ITC president Mr. Ibrahim Qureshi said “In Pakistan, we don’t have effective training techniques for our trade and tariff experts. Pakistan is in a dire need for an institution that could serve as a milestone for research and analysis for trade and economic issues locally and could help to boost trade opportunities in the global market as well. “During the launch event, Mr. Ibrahim further explained about ITC’s growth plan. According to him ITC growth plan is divided into 3 stages; the first one involved Public Outreach, Information Gathering and Evaluation. The second is about the creation of a knowledge hub. The third will consist of Competitive reports and Sectorial Performance assessment.
ITC seeks a strong and prosperous Pakistan with sustained growth ensured through networking with other businesses and continued economic growth activities in the country. ITC aims to develop human resource skills that would contribute in increasing the global competitiveness of Pakistan. ITC hopes to in directly solve the social problems linked to underdevelopment and low household consumption. The institute will create employment across different major sectors of the economy. However, these positive developments are linked to achieve greater incomes and employments in SMEs and informal sectors in Pakistan. Institute of Trade and Competitiveness invites business leaders, entrepreneur, educational institutes and social organizations to join hands to revive the economic sector of Pakistan.